Estate Sales


This is a wonderful way to downsize after your move and prepare the house for market.  You decide what you want to move and leave the rest to us!  Our experienced, professional and trustworthy team manages the process every step of the way and hands over an empty, clean swept house. 


What is included in an estate sale?


  • Surface clean the areas where the sale will take place

  • Sorting, organizing and professionally merchandising sellable items

  • Display tables and coverings are provided

  • Verbal market appraisals received on your items

  • We gather any sensitive documents, photos, obvious heirloom jewelry, cash and/or requested items found to be returned to you.

  • Extensive online marketing conducted for your sale

  • Eight eye-catching sandwich board signs

  • Ebay sales of highly valued items for a large market audience

  • We offer a credit card pay option, which increases sales

  • We keep your neighbors happy during the sale

  • We hand over an empty, clean swept house and deliver your payment within 5 days of your sale. 


“I thought estate sales were for folks with lots of antiques.  Krista assured me she could make money for me with my odd assortment of furniture and household items.  They categorized and organized everything, displayed it in amazing ways, and properly sold everything that wasn’t nailed down.  She then disposed of recyclables AND left it “broom clean”.  What a huge relief!  I cannot praise them enough.  
Joan B.

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